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Play Dress-Up for Holidays!

Play Dress-Up for Holidays!

Dressing up for Holidays can include the element of transformation. With fancy clothes and accessories you adopt your most festive & glam inner self. Find the opportunity to gather with your best girlfriends in front of your closet and try on as many looks as possible before you finalize on ideal combos for each occasion. […]

Being Thankful for Shopping Smart!

We might try to impress you even more, yet it is true that here at evaChic we are experiencing Black Fridays and Cyber Mondays all year round! Thanksgiving and the rest of the holiday season are an opportunity to dress up and at the same time save money. We collected for you some ultra-stylish fashion […]

Kicking Off Celebrations!

Holidays are around the corner, so prepping for them is imperative and pleasant! Spice up your wardrobe with fancy, sparkly, colorful statement pieces that make a lady stand out from the crowd! Invest in eye-catching prints and details, dazzling or cozy fabrics, and attention-worthy feminine silhouettes. It’s all you need to wear at dinners, parties, […]

Add an Extra Layer!

Temperatures get gradually lower, and whenever breezy you might need to add an extra layer to your look. Layering is smart and cool. It applies when you travel or juggle a busy lifestyle. It is fashionable and infuses your wardrobe choices with versatility. Whether loud and bold, or elegant and neutral, a cardigan, blazer, overcoat, […]

Fall is Still Hot!

With global warming as a defining element of our current lifestyle, this Fall’s temperatures remain high in various areas across the world, which means that part of our wardrobe is not even transitional. On occasions for this month you might need to have sweat-free options including light dresses, blouses, and bottoms. You can stay within […]

Fashion Month Is Still On!

Fashion Week in the four main fashion capitals – New York, London, Milan, and Paris – lasts more or less a whole month, with one starting after the other and millions of new pieces coming up along the way. Endless imagery, inspiration, and trend-reporting make heads spin and hearts race. The desire to shop something […]

On Your Way to the Next Event!

New season is here and along with it various additions to your social calendar. You are gradually getting back from your cool exotic or countryside destinations, and this is the right moment for wardrobe update. It doesn’t have to be a full-on purging situation; just a selective upgrade of your essentials. The easiest to rock […]

Attention-Getting Details

As you are vacaying the islands in any corner of the world or you are just getting back to the urban setting, fashion relates to various moments and is among your ways to connect to other people. Some of the pieces you are wearing might be conversation-starters and others get their attention. Note-worthy pieces are […]

Super Feminine Looks!

You might be dating somebody or just be in a flirty mood! In any case, we found for you clothes that boost your femininity and charm people. Be brave and confident in looks that empower other women too. Try the cool dresses and playful skirts, the nice blouses and luxe layers; things that are figure-flattering […]

Editors’ Picks for Peak Season!

Editors’ Picks for Peak Season!

For summer travellers, peak season runs through August, so we still have plenty of time to be dressing up with newly acquired treasures. Fashionistas and editors have already expressed their views on what is on-trend and surely on their wish list. From the looks of the moment to those of lasting impressions, designer clothes infuse […]