Bold Colors & Motifs
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Bold Colors & Motifs!

Let’s start the new year on a cheery note fashion-wise, because fun clothes really lift our spirits and bring warmer months closer. Just include in your 2018 resolutions the quest for bolder colors and memorable motifs. Contrast them with neutrals for a sophisticated transition to the next season, even now that temperature is really low. […]

Chic & Festive Wardrobe
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Chic & Festive Wardrobe!

For Christmas and New Year’s festivities, let’s do a twist on the classics, experimenting with motif and texture combos. Be picture-perfect by mixing neutrals with statement pieces and high with low. Contemporary collections and diffusion lines work well with designer items. Dress up and then take the ‘wow’ factor a notch down for a cool […]

Whimsical Style Guide
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Whimsical Style Guide!

Wondering how street style stars manage to get photographers’ attention? It all comes down to whimsical style that is unexpected, bold, and sophisticated. Motif-clashing, color-blocking, over-embellishing, textural experimentation and volume interplay are included in their strategies. The final goal is to stand out from the crowd. Check on the ‘how to’ and key pieces helping […]