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Best Fashion Finds from our Holiday Clearance

Best Fashion Finds from our Holiday Clearance

Cyber Week and fashion offers, which extend to the Holiday Season, will make you feel thankful for saving money while investing in great wardrobe assets! If you haven’t heard already, we offer an extra 20% off discounted last pieces from previous collections. It is time to reward yourself after all your efforts during the pandemic! […]

Fall/Winter 2021 Fashion Trends & Offers!

Are you ready to dress for the FW21 season? After a pandemic and a period of minimum interest in fashion, you start getting invites for parties and occasions, plus you are in the mood for a total makeover! It’s time to celebrate that you can meet your friends, go out for a coffee, have dinners, […]

A New Springtime Mood

We’ve been thinking a lot lately, at times with melancholy and at times with excitement for the unknown. Navigating the pandemic was tough for all; an uncharted territory. Yet, we gradually see the light at the end of the tunnel, and along with it, a new fearless attitude develops in our psyche. It is time […]

Being Thankful & Festive!

More than ever before, this holiday season, we are thankful for our families, friends, and the community that supports us in making the world even more elegant and beautiful. Get the chance to think of your loved ones and bring them joy. Amidst pandemic and rapid changes, we all deserve a gift of love, some […]

Back-on-Track Wardrobe

You might have stayed at home for too long, but you are now ready to get back to your duties and stylish self! It seems that you set out to refresh your wardrobe for the new season. Weather is not changing yet, so you can invest in transitional pieces, those you are wearing in a […]

Shine Bright in the Middle of the Summer!

Circumstances this summer are really unique, yet most people need to indulge in the spirit of the warmer months via a cheery and laid-back wardrobe featuring bright or dreamy colors and motifs, as well as ethereal and semi-sheer fabrics. Chiffon, crochet, cotton twill, linen, and other sweat-free fabrics come into play. In the middle of […]

Style Finds for Your Post-Covid19 Life

Gradually people are getting out of their lockdowns adjusting to the ‘new normal’ that make us a little more appreciative of the life we are having at home. We will be more cautious carrying with us lots of sanitizers, but we will start seeing people in person again, and that, of course, requires a refreshed […]

Pure Day-to-Day Luxuries!

On various circumstances you might need a great piece that makes the whole look; a neutral that stands out in terms of quality or a statement item that spices up your wardrobe with its bold color, graphic motif, interesting fabric, or design details. Everyday style luxuries include clothes that are hard to find or shop […]

All the Dresses You Need to Have!

Dresses are a single-piece look that allows you to stand out on every occasion. There are evening, cocktail, and daytime styles. The easiness of a dress can’t be compared with that of separates. To pull off the perfect style you only need to complement it with a few accessories and one piece of outerwear. Also […]

Bad Weather Solutions

The temperature might be currently low and in between there is probably rain, snow, or showers, yet you really need to look stylish and dressed for the occasion. Layering is part of the answer because cold can’t reach you directly as it moves through the layers. The rest of solution rests with the type of […]