Make it Flirty
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Make it Flirty!

In the summer, your wardrobe has a flirty spirit, including lots of tempting color, cut-outs, sexy straps, semi-sheer fabrics, and figure-flattering silhouettes. Motifs are eye-catching and details allow you to show some skin. Most of the pieces we picked for you are multi-purpose. Pack them for vacay or add them to your warm-weather urban looks. […]

Today’s Definition of Sophistication
Celebrity Style, Editor Picks, Fashion, Style

Today’s Definition of Sophistication!

Women today are educated about fashion. More than ever before, we know how to mix colors and clash motifs, combine textures and contrast details. We even know how to turn monochromes into real fashion statements, by shaping them up into interesting silhouettes and accessorizing them with avant-garde items. It’s all about design, and in that […]