Whimsical Style Guide
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Whimsical Style Guide!

Wondering how street style stars manage to get photographers’ attention? It all comes down to whimsical style that is unexpected, bold, and sophisticated. Motif-clashing, color-blocking, over-embellishing, textural experimentation and volume interplay are included in their strategies. The final goal is to stand out from the crowd. Check on the ‘how to’ and key pieces helping […]

Do it like the models!
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Do it like the models!

Admittedly most attention-worthy streetstyle includes off-duty model looks. Post-runway outfits of models entail a mix of the clothes they arrived in with the ‘it’ items they are often gifted by the designers. This high & low combo seasonally defines coolness. Attention-grabbers and new ways of styling them are keys to staying fashion-relevant! A detail or […]