When Prints Are Conversation-Starters
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When Prints Are Conversation-Starters!

Prints usually have a visual impact and a story to share. Through them, designers either reference an older print or a theme. Some of them come in subtle hues, while others in the boldest possible. Compared to simple monochromes, they are frequently the attention-grabbers and conversation-starters. Custom prints for each brand often become signature pieces […]

Stand-Out Neutrals

Stand-Out Neutrals!

We usually think that bold colors and motifs are the only ones to act as showstoppers. Yet, when the silhouette, the texture, and the combination are interesting, neutrals are making headlines. Looking for clues on what is highly photographable during the fashion week and what is editorial streetstyle, we came up with certain conclusions on […]

Bold Colors & Motifs
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Bold Colors & Motifs!

Let’s start the new year on a cheery note fashion-wise, because fun clothes really lift our spirits and bring warmer months closer. Just include in your 2018 resolutions the quest for bolder colors and memorable motifs. Contrast them with neutrals for a sophisticated transition to the next season, even now that temperature is really low. […]