Feel Good Fur Bi-Color Calfskin & Iridescent Leather Super Flat Pouch


Super Flats are easy-to-carry, roomy enough for your essentials, and tactile. This one – inspired by luxe shiny textures – features one side crafted from khaki calfskin and the other from iridescent gold leather. This textural contrast turns it into the item every girl wants to touch and hold. Lined with durable black twill, the interior is equally minimal to the exterior, free of unnecessary details.

•          100% farmed calfskin
•          100% iridescent gold leather
•          Zip closure along top
•          Durable black twill lining
•         Sleek black nickel pull
•          Flat rectangular shape
• Width: 13 in / 33 cm
• Height: 9 in / 23 cm

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A zipper along its top with a sleek black nickel pull secures its always precious content. Big enough to house a mid-size laptop or papers, phone, and other essentials, it'll become the best companion on a busy weekday. It is the result of ethical fur farming procedures abiding with animal welfare and eco-friendly considerations, as well as Northern European and American formal acts, rules and regulations.