Halloween-inspired fashion!

Halloween-inspired fashion

Infuse your outfits with proper Halloween spookiness, opting mostly for red and black choices, or get the festive and flashy version of it, dressing up in metallics. Feathers, evening gloves and costumey stuff can take your dark and goth items to the next level, perfectly adjusting to the party atmosphere of these days. Let’s go through the details that hint at Halloween without being too literal and exaggerated.


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It’s the easiest way to be part of it, without screaming Halloween. It’s sleek, chic, all-day, all- purpose and slimming. Try an elongated silhouette, such as fitted jackets with flared pants, or a boxy combo of a roomy cardigan and culottes. In the evening, slip into a maxi sequined or velvet gown and wrap yourself into a highly textured stole. Amp up the look with scary makeup!


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The easiest way to rock this look is by wearing something from Alexander McQueen such as the brand’s much coveted skull scarves. The motif comes in black & white, but also other color combos, all sufficiently appropriate to the occasion. And if skulls really scare you, turn into some surreal and sharp contrasting prints that should definitely include lots of black!


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Accentuated shoulders, cinched-in waistlines, geometric silhouettes, asymmetric and angular hems, and pointed-toe shoes can all offer a witchy effect to your look. Fabrics should be stiff, stable, and thick to maintain the angular shapes produced by structural bonding and tailoring. Neoprene and heavy wools are perfect choices. You need to feel strong and impenetrable!


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This 90s-inspired trend, featuring combat boots, slouchy knits and skin-tight black jeans or leggings, is certainly into the Halloween spirit. Your ultimate heroes can be Johnny Depp as Edward Scissorhands and Angelica Huston as Morticia Addams. They are scary yet sweet, cartoonish, and memorable!


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At the other end of the spectrum, you will find outfits bedazzled with colorful sequins, crystals and beading or spiced up with shiny vinyl, PVC and satin. Metallic leather or other fabrics work too and so do pieces in pumpkin yellow and Shrek green. Exaggerated motifs and logomania items are also part of the game. You can check older costumes by Heidi Klum, Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian, to borrow ideas and apply them at a slightly smaller scale!


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Model Karen Elson, dressed in total red and snapped by photographer Tim Walker, is an ultra- sleek example of Halloween edginess. Epic moments have also been drawn by Lady Gaga, Pink, Daphne Guinness, and Madonna. The latest Met Gala outfits by eccentric celebrities will help you stand out in the evenings. Choose among Anne Hathaway’s ‘Little Golden Riding Hood’ gown, Lizzy Caplan’s ‘Disco Ball’ cocktail dress, Sarah Jessica Parker’s Asian-inspired ‘Flame’ headgear, Rihanna’s ‘Fury Pizza’ gown, and many more!


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Shop this theme and bring it down to everyday looks, sticking to the palette, the silhouettes and the details. The Shearling Asymmetric Jacket by Helmut Lang  is boxy and cool, to be accessorized with the Skull Scarf by Alexander McQueen. The Chanel Byzance Peacoat is dark and glam  or else you go for poppy red in a startling Lanvin Trenchcoat! 

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