On-Trend Statement Knits!

On-Trend Statement Knits

Knits are the backbone of our winter wardrobe and it seems that designers are increasingly incorporating them in their collections. Knits warm you and wrap you up, but most importantly they can boost diversity in your closet. Fitted, ribbed knits follow your body contours, while chunkier ones create edgier boxy silhouettes that allow for an interesting interplay of volumes. As for colors, the variety of choices is startling – from soothing nudes and neutrals to energizing bold shades and eye-catching motifs! Shall we go through your knitwear essentials and stunners?


eva_knits2 On-Trend Statement Knits! On-Trend Statement Knits! eva knits2This is the most coveted motif of the season, and what better way to sport it than on a cozy mohair sweater! Sandro’s attention-grabbing red and white piece –  in a relaxed style that eases your movements – can be dressed up and down depending on your choice of bottoms. In a different mix of colors, Taylor Swift combined it with a sequined mini skirt for the January 2015 issue of Lucky Magazine, in what could be seen as the perfect party outfit, for a youthful yet glamorous look! But you can also wear it with bell-bottom jeans to follow the 70’s revival. Also, don’t forget that chunky sweaters mix well with ethereal maxi skirts in compatible monochromes! Catwalks were literally filled with plaid motifs this fall, so get into the spirit and make your own stunning combos!


eva_knits3 On-Trend Statement Knits! On-Trend Statement Knits! eva knits3 Jacquards with ethnic motifs are another trend of the season, playing with cultural elements and stiches that are very special. A colorful knit imitating tapestry and mostly going along an earthy palette can make your daywear stand out. During her pregnancy, Blake Lively really impressed us with a poncho-style jacket in vivid ethnic motifs and ever since, other famous fashionistas followed her example. This season, designers reason reference distant cultures, such as those of tribes surviving in New Zealand and Mongolia. A Maori-inspired roomy cardigan can elevate a simple jeans-and-shirt look, or it can coordinate with some boho-chic pieces that are already available in your wardrobe.  Check our Maje Jacquard cardigan, which can also be worn inside out to create more than one outfit!


eva_knits4 On-Trend Statement Knits! On-Trend Statement Knits! eva knits4The easiest way to make a statement is through a stunning contrast. Black and white is the sleeker of all, but there are many other options, as long as you use complementary colors, those that are opposite one another in the color wheel. You can also juxtapose warm with cool hues, or those that have the greater distance between them in the color wheel! If not in experimental mood, take the safe bet, which is black & white. The dress adopted on the streets by ultra-chic actress Jennifer Connelly is an instant sensation designed by hip and popular designer Stella McCartney.  Being black at the top and white at its flared bottom, it lasts for more than one classy outings combined with different accessories each time. She is wearing it with high-heels, but mannish flats – especially brogues – will work great too. Good news is that this wardrobe passe-partout is right now available in our store way below its initial price. Snap it before it’s gone!


Take care of your knits, keeping them inside bags scented with lavender. Hand-wash and lay them flat to air dry. Don’t brush them through, but remove any lint or knots with adhesive tape sparingly applied on certain problematic areas. Knitwear is everything this season and a ‘classic’ for the upcoming ones!


by evaChic